We make it works proficiently, every time, everywhere, and for businesses of every size.

Integrated Retail-Centric Solution

The retailing industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation in recent years. Panda Eco System is armed with powerful tools, features, and agile operating modules to boost your business capabilities to obtain greater achievement.

Our full suite of products are designed and built to accommodate both the retailers and customers appetites with an entirely new set of expectations.

As consumers are shaping tomorrow’s retail experience, our retail-centric solution can surely help to keep your business strategies on the right track.

In-depth Domain Knowledge

Creating a fit-for-purpose solution comes from knowing your business better.  Panda Software has been learning from retailers since 2003 and we love meeting challenges, collaborate and make things work together.  This impossible journey has helped us build domain expertise, grow professionally and made us a strong player in the market.

On the other hand, the pace of change in retailing driven largely by technology has brought diverse talents to the team.  This enables us to leverage the unique knowledge resource and leadership to strengthen our competitive advantage.

Proven Process Flow

Harnessing the value of the successful partnership with retailers of all business nature, we have been serving their core needs of modernization for decades. The process allows the team to deep dive into both the operational and technical know-how in building an industry-renowned retail-centric solution embedded with proven practices and SOP-ready functions.

Business transformation has never been so worry-free. No more tiresome trial and error instead of productively executing the concrete plans to achieve the intended outcome. We have successfully repeated this process cycle countlessly. 

Strategic Project Implementation

Looks good on paper and also on reality. We are committed to delivering the service as promised and this is how we do it. Panda Software manages and implements project by keeping the “End” in mind. With this methodology, we stay aligned with our strategy and remain focused on our ultimate goals.

Every project and operation are unique. We discuss and listen to lay plans; pull together the right people and leader to manage; collaborate with stakeholders and monitor progress; openly mitigate risks and obstacles; conduct comprehensive testing; celebrate incremental achievement and champion a new reality.

Top-Notch Employee Skill Sets

Panda Software focuses on employee growth and learnings. We bring in talents who are hungry for knowledge and we constantly feed their hunger with opportunities to excel. As a fast-growing and evolving team, we create a culture that fosters cross-team collaboration and accountability. Everyone’s successes are interlinked and the team is always gearing up to get the best possible results in their job assignments and daily tasks.

We are always proud of our workforce and have a reputation for being motivated, capable, creative, and continually evolve to stay relevant in the retailing industry.

Effective Knowledge Sharing

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. As a consequence, we strive to make learning awesome, memorable, and effective. At Panda Software, we learn to share and share what we learn, keep empowering, and keep doing.

Our comprehensive in-house training, solid work tasks, and effective mentorships have progressively prepared our team to fast-track your business transformation and digitization journey. Meanwhile, we believe training for customer is a continuous process, hence we emphasize on flexibility to promote improved engagements and results.

Service Excellence

At Panda, we revolutionize and shape your business by design, not by default. Each customer is recognized by their priorities and uniqueness. We create tailored approaches to plan, collaborate, manage, and deliver successful service offerings aligning with your needs. This personalized customer experience is a winning strategy to meet objectives and it has always been our primary competitive differentiators to gain greater achievements.

Nonetheless, our work and actions are driven by our passion and values to deliver services in the most cost effective, safe, and reliable way.

We believe our greatest success would be keeping others to grow and succeed