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Panda ECO System is an end-to-end retail management solution designed for modern retailing.  Our robust and scalable solutions support multi-chain store operation for Retail & Hospitality business particularly grocers and general merchandising. It empowers retailers to have full control over their business processes and real-time access to valuable data with our powerful analytical tool.

Panda suite of modules cover the complete range of retail business requirements including store operation, HQ central management,  financial reporting and omni-channel retailing.  For digital engagement, Panda CRM Loyalty and eStore mobile apps provide the platform for retailers to capture the surging e-commerce market by offering consumers a dynamic yet seamless online shopping experience.  

Our Solutions At A Glance

Store Operation

HQ Centralised Management

Financial Management

Omni-Channel Engagement

Store Operation

Front-End POS System for Retail

Checkout process is a direct engagement between retailers and shoppers and it must not be a dreadful trip for them.  Apart from the fact that our POS is designed to handle high volume retailing as proven in 24/7 Hypermarket, it is also built to be transactable during internet or network outage to ensure seamless shopping experience with zero disruption.

Front-End F&B System for Hospitality

The experiential lifestyle grocers offer a different types of concept “eat~drink~shop” with food & beverages embeded to the retail outlet.  Panda F&B is designed to fully integrate with our store backend module so that it can be managed as a whole.  From quick service fast food chain to full service restaurant, our F&B caters for all.

Back Office Inventory Management

Retailers often struggle to keep up with inventory accuracy due to the nature of their business having to deal with massive products,  stock replenishment and shrinkage.  Panda Backend module ease the struggle with functions to effectively manage inventory and provide management with real time information for sound decision making.

Mobile Handheld Terminal Solution

“Retail is detail”, best described for the daily processes that include replenishment, goods receive, stock return, reduce to clear, stock disposal, stock take and cycle count where store operation team is tasked to complete ontime.  Panda Mobile HHT module is built to streamline such processes and brings needed efficiencies to operation.

HQ Centralised Management

HQ Management and Centralised Procurement

It is essential for HQ team to gain centralised control over purchase cost, selling price, inventory, promotion offers, orders and product content in a chain store operation.  Panda HQ module is designed to do just that, allowing management to monitor stores performance and accessing vital business information needed anytime, anywhere.

Central Kitchen Production and Recipe Management

Central kitchen not only empowers hospitality chain outlet to achieve efficiency and maintain consistency in quality of  food supplies, it also enable signature brand development.  Our recipe management module calculates the material cost recipe which is an indisputable aid in optimizing and achieving budgetary goals.

Warehouse Management System

A functional warehouse management system is important for a distribution center to effectively manage supply chain fulfillment for retail business with chain store operation.  Panda WMS facilitates entire warehouse activities which include location planning, stock receiving, cross-docking, putaway storage, stock picking, packing and shipping. 

B2B Supply Chain Portal

Panda B2B is a digitised supply chain portal that enable data exchange between retailers and their suppliers.  It is meant to replace paper-based activities and improves efficiency through electronic document exchange.  Say goodbye to manual matching and say hello to our e-procurement and e-invoice which automate the 3 way matching process.

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Financial Management

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is integral to companies of all sizes because it is a communication of information about a business financial health and prospects.  Our solution is able to integrate with most accounting systems available in the market including AutoCount, Biztrak, Microsoft Dynamic 365, SAP and many more.  

Cash Management and Sales Reconciliation Module

Are you facing issue reconciling the daily sales collection of your business? Are you having problem managing the petty cash account of your stores? Say no to manual recording and start using our Cash Management & Sales Recon module to manage your daily bank in and auto create reconciliation entries into the account.

Retail Income Management System

Trade incentives such as display rental and purchase rebate are an integral part of retail business. It could be a challenge for finance to manage the billing when business revenue grows. Our module auto generate monthly billing based on user defined trading terms and conditions to ensure no invoice is unintentionally omitted. 

Data Analytics and BI Reporting Tool

Business intelligence reporting is proving pivotal in empowering organizations to collect data effectively and transform insight into action.  Apart from the daily reporting required for store operation, HQ merchandising and finance department, we built informative reports and analytics based on user requirement.

Omni-Channel Engagement

E-Commerce Web Application

In today’s competitive and convenience focused society, consumers want to shop anytime, anywhere.  Panda eStore is an instantaneous cloud-based application fully equipped with our ready to go template that is simple and quick to use. It is fully integrated with our backend inventory which allows retailers to kick start their online business easily.

CRM Loyalty Membership Module

It is a constant challenge for retailers to win the hearts of consumers. By implementing Panda CRM loyalty program, retailers can retain and reward customers who contributed the business via various rewards mechanism including coupon, voucher and stamp collection. Flexible rules can be setup on earning, reward, points expiry and card expiry.

Loyalty + eStore Mobile App

Today smartphone has become man’s best companion.  Merging online and offline experience in the store is to evolve shoppers’ expectation and are geared for the omni experience. Our 2 in 1 mobile app entice consumers to shop online, be rewarded, and redeem the reward at offline store.  It simply makes them happy and satisfied. 

Digital Content Management System

Panda CMS is a hassle free solution that enable user to create and update the content to be displayed in Panda eStore website and CRM Loyalty mobile app anytime, anywhere. All digital images can be easily uploaded via the platform and displayed based on a the set of templates created. 


Real time access to valuable data

HQ to stores level sales and inventory data are captured and tracked by powerful analytical tool spontaneously.

Supply chain management

Stock replenishment requests by store are processed and fulfiled by DC WMS via IBT function.

Auto replenishment

PO created automatically by the system with indication on item, quantity and supplier source to order from.

Identify slow moving item

System capable of triggering alerts on slow-moving SKU to be replaced with fast-moving marketable items.

Shrinkage management

Inventory shrinkage is traced, recorded and reported for management to take necessary actions.

Omnichannel retailing & digital engagement

Shoppers enjoy a seamless online shopping experience with Panda CRM Loyalty + eStore mobile app.

B2B digital supply chain platform

Promote paperless environment with e-procurement and e-invoice which automate 3-way matching process.

Streamline operation & finance processes

Daily operation and Finance processes are efficiently simplified with HHT and sales recon module.

Timely month-end closing of account

Monthly managerial financial report and operational accounting are check-balanced and closed promptly.

Comply with audit & statutory requirement

Audit requirements on financial reporting are fulfiled and statutory declaration of GST or SST are complied with.

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