Omni-Channel Engagement

One of the biggest challenges to gain competitive advantage in modern retailing is to create a personalized and seamless online-to-offline shopping experience for consumers. With an integrated solution that facilitates omni-channel marketing and digital engagement, retailer is able to deliver a unique experience across all channels throughout the entire customer journey.

Modules At A Glance

E-Commerce Application

CRM Loyalty Membership

Loyalty + eStore Mobile App

Digital Content Management System

The O2O strategy - unifying the online and offline store

Create the brand visibility in the digital world is the key for today’s trend. With the rapid growth of e-commerce market and the impact of pandemic has dramatically shifted the shopping behavior. Digital marketing is vital for your business and brand to survive in the competitive environment. 

Synchronization of online product to Facebook, redemption of coupon code on online store, sending of push notification to notify customer for monthly mailer, sending e-voucher during the birthday month of the customer and etc. Our system is able to automate the campaign and ease the hassle of manual tracking and paper printing, so you can be more focused on engaging and reaching the customers. 

Flexible reward mechanism for offline and online store

Identify customers by awarding them with the membership or rewards card. This is a popular and common way to identify, engage and retain the loyal customer.

Panda CRM module has all functions required to manage your Membership programme, with flexible loyalty rules, such as earning and rewards rules, points and card expiry rules and etc. Multiple mechanism are available in our system, such as points awarding upon spending, welcome gift upon new sign up or collect stamps with purchase. 

You can delight your customers with different promotions and pricing based on their purchase behaviour, touch and reward your loyal customers by sending personalized coupon and voucher based on customer group or specific purchase requirements.

Communication engine with various channels to keep in touch with your customers

Are you struggling to communicate to your customers regularly? Are your customers aware of the on-going promotion, special offer or announcement without walking into your store?

It is important to collect customers’ data and reach out to them regularly to keep your brand visible to the customers. All of these are located at the same data center and you can send a push notification via our mobile app upon their purchase at your store, send monthly mailer by email, send a SMS on the 1-hour special deal or allow customers to pre-order product via WhatsApp.

Create e-commerce website & mobile app within 30 days

Struggling on how to step into the digital world and worrying about the cost of investment and amount of time required?

We have multiple in-house templates for mobile app and e-commerce website which are synchronized with backend data engine. You can just select a standard template to launch a mobile app or e-commerce website within a month, i.e., loyalty app, loyalty + e-commerce app or e-commerce website. The standard template can be aligned to your corporate logo and brand colour.

Preferred a customized template? Sure, no worries, we can build a customized mobile app or e-commerce website based on your requirement as well.

Create, update and manage the mobile app content

Having concern about how-to and cost of hiring an in-house programmer to manage the mobile app?

Panda CMS is a hassle-free solution that enable user to create, edit and publish content to Panda e-commerce website and mobile app without having HTML or PHP knowledge. Panda CMS allows multiple users to modify content easily at anytime and anywhere by uploading image or text, with no code writing needed. Our cloud based solution simplifies the frequent update of content as the changes will be reflected on the e-commerce website and mobile app instantaneously.

Panda CMS is embedded with in-built marketing features which allow user to set up different campaigns, i.e., redeem RM5 voucher with 500 points, receive a rebate voucher upon purchase of selected product, supplier coupon, issue stamp for every RM 50 spent and etc. These can help to get ride of paper tracking and reduce the marketing expenses on printing of vouchers and coupon.

Are you ready to take command of your business growth and demand hassle-free IT investment?

Choosing the right system at the right price is never an easy decision to make.  Talk to our experts today and let us assist you in identifying the perfect fit solution for your operation.  Let’s reinvent your future business together.

Dedicated product images for all online platforms

Panda e-Commerce also come with a ready-to-use product image bank to upload unlimited product images. Product images are tied with product item code and synchronized among all the digital platforms, i.e., website, mobile app and etc, to eliminate the process of searching/uploading same product image over and over again for different platforms.

One source feed to various digital platforms with unlimited product images upload onto the platforms.

Inventory and online sales can tie with various physical stores

You have different price strategies in different communities and difficulties to synchronize the different product listing and price for all stores?

We are able to link the eStore inventory info, pricing and stock to Headquarter, an individual store, or Distribution Centre according to your logistic arrangement. With this, the eCommerce platform can display product and inventory information based on the selected data centre.

Our system also allow you to have different checkout processes, i.e., self pick-up from store, delivery, and unlimited pick-up or delivery timeslot selection. These built in options can be managed and update anytime.

Synchronization of inventory for online and offline store

“Oversold, penalty imposed by Market place, manual entry of online sales to finance module”. It is such a nightmare when it comes to managing the stock level for multiple modules.

Our system is synchronized online and offline. It creates a seamless process to capture the stock accurately, set up the threshold quantity to reserve the stock for physical store/prior to supplier’s replenishment. This is to ensure no out-of-stock issue and no compilation of reports is needed for online store. 

Running different promotions for physical and online stores

Having on-going sales and don’t want to jeopardize your margin for existing business at physical store?

Not an issue at all! Our system is able to run stand-alone online marketing campaign to grab more sales, i.e., promo code, free delivery code, affiliate campaign and etc. Online and offline marketing campaign can be run separately and target to different group of customers, i.e., millennials who like to shop online, Gen X who enjoy food tasting and in-store shopping, seniors who enjoy to experience and touch the actual product in-store.

Flexible fraud prevention and users’ accessibility

Three fraud prevention are in place: auto generation of report on potential fraud cases, instant POS counter verification and dynamic reports can be extracted anytime.

One of the fraud prevention rule can be set is to block the usage of Member Card at checkout counter if the particular Member Card exceeded the average daily usage. Dynamic report can be used for audit purpose with the extraction of ordinary transaction.

Not only this, you can also customize the users’ accessibility to different group of users and limit the functionality for different departments. For i.e., Admin user can access to all functions, Points adjustment can only be accessed by HQ only, operations can access to general members’ Information only and etc.

“Adding wings to caterpillars does not create butterflies, it creates awkward and dysfunctional caterpillars. Butterflies are created through transformation.”