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Superstore and Hypermarket

Neighbourhood Grocer

Experiential Lifestyle Grocer

Departmental Store

Specialty Store

The Hypermart

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The story of Emart started in 1975 as an ice-cream seller in Batu Nia, Sarawak.  The first establishment of Emart Hypermarket was in year 2005 at Tudan and since then become a popular household brand in Miri, Sarawak.

Emart is our first customer in Sarawak and has been with us since 2009.  Their Batu Kawa store is known as the first hypermarket in East Malaysia that opens 24 hours.

Today, Emart is one of the Top 3 Retail Grocer groups in Sarawak with footage in Miri, Kuching and Bintulu.  As of year 2020, the group has 10 outlets with the largest store measuring 100,000 sf and 45 POS.

TF Value Mart, which celebrated its 60th years anniversary in 2018, is one of the largest local Hypermart cum GMS retail chains in Malaysia operating on an average store size of 40,000 to 50,000 square feet.

The company adopted Panda in 2013 where there were 15 stores with average 20 POS per store.  The number of outlet increased to 35 in 2020 covering mainly the suburban township of Peninsular Malaysia. 

TF was acquired in 2016 by KV Asia, a Private Equity Fund from Singapore and a new management team was introduced.  It  recorded a revenue of RM1.54 billion in 2019.

Being the first mover in bringing modernized wet market concept “The Mart” into Malaysia, Suppliers’ Mart (S’MART) was unveiled in Johor Bahru in year 2002, followed by the forming of Pasaraya Midas Mart, which is widely known as a hypermarket offering excellent varieties with everyday low price.

After changing 3 systems in the span of 8 years, Midas decided to adopt our solution in 2010 as all the other solutions have failed to fulfill their management requirements. As of year 2020, it has more than 5 outlets with the largest store occupying 75,000 square feet and 30 checkout counters.

The Neighbourhood Grocer

Fresh & Easy

The eldest brother of the infamous Teng family, best known as the founders of the Giant Hypermarket chain from which they divested in 1999, Mr Francis Teng started his first Hero Market in 2005 aiming at providing fresh grocery and general merchandising to the consumers in Klang Valley area.

The retail chain grew steadily and expanded beyond Klang Valley with stores opened in JB and Penang in 2018.  As of year 2020, the group has more than 30 stores with average size of 20,000 sf and 10 POS per store.

Hero Market is our 1st retail chain store customer and has been with us since 2008 while there were only 6 outlets back then.

Maslee retail group is the first few retail supermarkets in the southern region who adopted our solution in year 2010.

From a humble beginning of wholesaling tidbits and crackers in the 1990s, the group diversified into retail grocery in the late 90s and has since grown to one of the biggest local retail grocers in the southern region.  As of year 2020, the group has more than 15 stores occupying an average store size of 10,000 square feet and 6 POS per store. 

Maslee has been our customer since 2010. Currently it has two brands under its wing, Maslee Express is the neighbourhood grocer whereby The Pasar is the premium grocer.

Originating from Labuan, Bataras retail chain is a large scale Supermarket cum GMS Store operating on an average store size of 25,000 square feet with 12 POS per store in Sabah. 

The group converted to Panda in year 2012 when there were only 2 stores in Labuan and KK.  In the span of 8 years, Bataras has expanded to 25 stores with branches located in the main city of Sabah including Sandakan and Tawau.

One of the main factors that contributed to the rapid growth was the acquisition of all Giant Hypermarkets in Sabah from Dairy Farm Group in 2019 when the later decided to exit the retail market of East Malaysia.

G-mart Retail Group is our first customer in Sabah and has been using our solution since 2009.  It is a subsidiary of Lay Hong Berhad, a company listed in KLSE main board. 

The group currently has 2 brands under it’s wings, G*Mart is Supermarket cum GMS store occupying an average size of 15,000 sf and 6 POS whereby MyShop is a C-Store format with 1,500 sf and 2 POS supplying essential grocery items to consumers. 

As of year 2020, G*Mart has more than 15 stores and MyShop has more than 30 stores mainly targeting the rural markets with footage in the suburban township of Sabah.   

CS Retail Chain decided to convert to our system in 2019 after attending only 1 session of our demo presentation as they believe our solutions fit perfectly to their future expansion plan 

CS started as a small minimart in Kuching but expanded to medium size supermarket occupying an average size of 12,000 sf and 8 POS in their last few stores opened.

The group has expanded rapidly in recent years by opening the 12th store in year 2020 thanks to it’s young and vibrant core of management team who are aggressive and hunger for growth.

Xiri Retail Group is one of the largest retail chain in the East Coast with store presence in the main townships of Terengganu

In year 2003, the company established it’s first apparel outlet in Jerteh and subsequently ventured into grocery segment with it’s first Supermarket cum GMS store in 2007 offering both grocery items and apparels to the local community.

Xiri group joined the list of our customer in year 2017 with 3 outlets in their book. It has since grown to 8 stores as of year 2020 with the largest store measuring 50,000 square feet and 12 checkout counters.

The Experiential Lifestyle Grocer

Eat . Drink . Shop

Tong Hing Supermarket, established in year 1959, is the pioneer in wholesaling and retailing of imported fine foods which targeted the western expatriate community in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  

The family owned premium grocer has the vision to integrate food business on the values of quality and integrity. Café on fifty5 serves exclusive dining menus and varieties of pastries to satisfy the niche segment.

Tong Hing adopted our solution in year 2020 with 2 outlets measuring floor area of approximately 10,000 sf including F&B service.  Apart from the inventory and finance, TH uses Panda to manage the recipe, bakery production as well as reduce to clear items which transform to higher productivity.

The Ong family started with Pasaraya OTK, a Supermarket cum GMS retail chain, before the opening of it’s first premium grocer outlet in Bangsar Village Shopping Mall.

VG Group adopted our solution in 2014 when there were 6 stores in Klang Valley. The success of the company attracted Private Equity Navis Capital to acquire the controlling stake in 2014 aiming to groom the entity to be the largest premium grocer in the country.

The group further strengthen it’s position in 2017 by acquiring 100% of Bens Independant Grocer, another local premium grocer who adopted our solution in 2015.

The number of outlets has surged to more than 30 stores in 2020 measuring an average 20,000 sf and 15 POS per store.

Founded in early 2000, Pick N Pay started based on an idea of having a convenient one-stop shop for the local community in KK, Sabah with the supply of quality fresh produce.

Pick N Pay is the first grocer in KK to embrace the concept of eat, drink and shop by introducing a mini outdoor bar paired with a full service Japanese restaurant next to it’s flag ship store. Such bold move has definitely won the heart of the young generation in KK as witnessed by the regular young crowd and positive reviews posted in social media.

The group decided to convert to Panda in year 2018 after using 3 other solutions which failed to meet management requirement.  It has more than 10 outlets with the largest store occupying 8,000 sf and 6 POS.  

The Departmental Store

Where Fashion Meets Style

Established in 1985 as the first local Departmental Store in KK, Sabah, “Tong’s” at Plaza Merdeka has remained in the memory of many Generation X of different ethnic group as a must go place to shop for fashion wear during festive celebration enjoyed by Malaysia’s rich multi-racial component.

The infamous brand is renowned as a one-stop center for providing wide range of quality apparel, baby products, shoes, toys and travelling essentials which are sourced regionally and from overseas.

As of 2020, Tong’s has 2 outlets with the larger store occupying more than 20,000 square feet with 10 POS.

Everrise is one of the largest and earliest Supermarket cum Departmental Chains in Sarawak with the first outlet opened in 1993. In recent years, it has embarked on a rebranding exercise by carrying out store refurbishment and introduce new concept to bring new excitement to consumers. 

The company converted from their third solution to our solution in 2011. As of 2020, the group has more than 10 outlets with the largest store measuring 30,000 sf and 15 POS providing grocery and apparel to consumers.

The company was acquired by Private Equity Navis Capital in 2019 aiming to become the largest local retail chain in East Malaysia.

Established in 2005 in Alor Setar, Kedah, Cmart is one of the largest local Supermarket cum Departmental Chains in the Northern tip of Malaysia. 

As of 2020 the group has more than 10 stores with majority of them measuring 50,000 sf and 20 POS as the stores operate as anchor tenant in the retail Shopping Mall owned by their related company.  

Cmart has been with us since 2016.  In 2019, the company underwent a stretch of store refurbishment exercise to bring new image to customer by segmentising the grocer and apparels departments in their stores to enhance consumer shopping experience.

The Specialty Store

Only Need To Be Good At One Thing

The story of Becon started in 1978 where the 1st store was opened at Petaling Jaya.  The company has since grown to be Malaysia’s leading retailer for office supplies with more than 30 stores in central and southern region providing solution for home, business and education needs.

Becon decided to change to our solution in 2019 as the management believe we fit into their future expansion plan.  Their stores are operating on 3,000 sf to 5,000 sf with 2 POS.

In addition to the brick and mortar store, the company also offer online purchase service to capture the rising demand for their products nationwide.

Bake With Yen (BWY) is the specialist in manufacture, distribution and retailing of baking ingredients, premixes, accessories and tools since 1987.

The company, which operate on an average size of 3,000 sf to 5,000 sf with 2 POS, converted their system to Panda in 2018 where there were 15 stores mainly located in Klang Valley and Kota Kinabalu.

BWY was acquired by Malaysia Private Equity Creador in 2017 and within 2 years, the business expanded rapidly and has grown to to become the country’s No 1 baking ingredients retail chain with coverage of more than 40 stores nationwide. 

Great Zone Household Center was founded in year 2003 specializing in importation and distribution of branded kitchenware and housewares to consumers, retailers as well as institution in the Johor Bahru region

The group has more than 10 outlets as at 2020 operating on an average retail area of 6,000 sf with 3 POS.  It has garnered the recognition from consumer as the one stop centre supplying quality and extensive range of household items in the southern region. 

Great Zone became our customer in 2018 with the ambition to further expand the business via opening of more brick and mortar stores as well as online store.

TCT group, established in 2002, is one of the largest local retail chain with more than 150 stores nationwide operating under multiple brands including Ninso Fixed Price Centre, One Stop Superstore, Century Department Store and Orange Convenient Store

Both Ninso and One Stop Superstore are operating on the format measuring 12,000 sf with 10 POS per store.  The two brands has a combined total of more than 100 outlets as at 2020 with main footage in Johor and Sabah

TCT Group joined the list of our customers in 2014 and has been our largest customer in terms of number of outlets within a group.

Orange Convenient Store is one of the brands traded under TCT retail group.  It is the largest local convenient store operator in Sabah running on 24/7 concept providing convenience to the tourist and local community.

The number of outlets as at year 2020 marked at 45 with store coverage mainly within the vicinity of Kota Kinabalu.

Since adopting our system in year 2014, Orange has been experiencing rapid growth as well as being listed as one of the most preferred brand among the convenience stores in the region.

Formerly known as MyMydin Mart, the renowned bumiputera owned local retail chain, the company was acquired by the current management in 2018 and rebranded to Pak Grocer Minimart which prioritises the “Halal” concept.

As of year 2020, Pak Grocer has more than 30 stores operating on an average size of 5,000 sf and 3 POS within the Klang Valley region mainly targeting the neighbourhood market with the supply of fresh food and grocery.

It is worth to highlight that the company converted from SAP to Panda in 2018 as our solution is retail centric and much affordable 

Customer Profile

Deployment Milestone

Largest Single Store Size

100,000+ s.f. with 45 POS

Largest Chain Store Group

150+ stores

Highest Single Store Revenue

MYR 150+ million per annum

Highest Group Revenue

MYR 1.6+ billion per annum

Deployment Milestone

Retail Brand


POS Terminal


Site Deployed


Customers Annual Revenue

MYR 8+ billion

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