Store Operation

Retail operations encompass everything about how a store operates each day.  It is a point of contact between the customer and the retailer, which translate to how customers are treated throughout the store experience, from entry to exit. When it comes to managing retail store operation, having reliable POS and back office management system is inevitable.

Modules At A Glance

Front-End POS for Retail

Front-End F&B for Hospitality

Back Office Management

Mobile Handheld Terminal

Real-time Access to Sales Data with Offline Capabilities

“We are sorry that our system is currently offline and we have to perform manual check-out for you” – if this is what you are facing with your existing POS system, you should switch to Panda POS.

In the event of system offline due to network or internet outage, it is still business as usual for Panda POS check out process as our hybrid system is designed to prevent sales intermittent and delivering seamless shopping experience for your customers.

With live streaming of data to HQ server upon completion of transaction via internet, we provide real-time access to sales information anytime, anywhere.

Our solution enable retailers to take advantage of our flexible promotion and discount mechanism by offering consumers the attractive deals to boost sales revenue.

The various promotional discount types, namely member price, item discount, category promotion, bill discount, bulk purchase, mix & match, purchase with purchase as well as coupon and voucher discount are all catered for in our ECO system. The coverage of all these promotion mechanisms are designed and built specifically for today’s modern and dynamic retailing industry. 

Flexible Promotion and Discount Mechanism

Cashier Float Management with Audit Compliance

We impose secured control on cashiering procedures by requiring cashier to self-declare their on hand float during the end-day closing.  System is capable of auto detecting cash shortage or surplus via matching of actual collection with sales data in order to prevent possible cashiering fraud.

Multiple user groups are supported in our system to effectively manage user access rights with auditable report log. Apart from the usual fraud prevention imposed for unauthorised access right such as sales cancellation, price overwrite and cash refund, suspicious member rewarding can be detected and curbed.  

Panda F&B for hospitality is designed to accommodate the operation of both full service restaurant with table dining and quick service cafe managed with kitchen display system.

We offer end-to-end F&B features such as graphical floor plan, item modifier with add-on selection, split and merge bill capabilities as well as table-transfer options to effectively manage your hospitality business.

Our system is equipped with the integration of online delivery services and payment gateways which has become an integral part of today’s F&B business. 

Full Service Restaurant and Quick Service Cafe

Integration between Panda POS and 3rd Party Solutions

For the convenience of your customers, our POS allows a combination of multiple payment types which include cash, cards, e-wallet, voucher, gift cards, credit memo, loyalty points and foreign currency in the same receipt.

Panda POS is embedded with features to auto capture the tender types and approval details fed by the payment gateways to ensure error-free transactions and warrant accurate sales reconciliation.

Besides, we partner with Glory and Strong Point who are the global renowned cash management solution providers in automating cash handling, minimising human errors and eliminating possible cash shrinkage.

Are you ready to take command of your business growth and demand hassle-free IT investment?

Choosing the right system at the right price is never an easy decision to make.  Talk to our experts today and let us assist you in identifying the perfect fit solution for your operation.  Let’s reinvent your future business together.

Goods Receiving with Mobile Handheld Terminal

We understand that goods receiving is one of the most important processes in store operation whereby delay in receiving or mishandling of goods received could result in costly mistakes which affect every area of your business, hence we counter this gap with our fit-for-purpose back office solution.

Forget about manual receiving and adopt our back office system designed to streamline receiving process via mobile handheld terminal. System auto generates debit advice to vendor for any discrepancies captured while performing 3 way matching of item received with purchase order and vendor invoice.

“The damaged and expired goods are eating into our storage and for some stocks I don’t even know which vendor i should return to” – if this sounds familiar, it simply means your current system fails to resolve your operation issue. 

Our stock return function with in-built mobile handheld terminal features the auto assignment of cost and vendor for the return stock while simplifying your retail operation process. 

We manage your purchase return with great efficiency, allowing you to free up your storage and your cash flow!

Stock Return to Vendor with Mobile Handheld Terminal

Account Receivable Invoice and Credit/Debit Note

Retail business needs to be dynamic and flexible when it comes to enhancing services and increase revenue. Apart from front-end POS transaction, our back office inventory solution allows you to issue account receivable sales invoice to your corporate customer or to perform inter-company billing. Sales credit note or debit note can also be issued and applied for sales returned or adjustment.

If your store employs field sales representatives who spend their days out meeting with prospects and touching base with clients, our online sales order mobile application simplify the order taking process and allow them to manage their clients with great efficiency.

Stock replenishment is one of the key considerations in retailing as it increases service levels, leads to increased sales and improves customer satisfaction. Nielsen global retail-growth strategies survey indicates that price isn’t the main reason customer select a retailer to buy from, it is rather the item they need is available in store.

Panda replenishment function auto calculates the inventory reorder point based on flexible user defined formula and trigger a purchase order with suggested item and quantity to order. Let us help you find an edge to beat the competition and delight your customer by avoiding stockout in your store.

Stock Replenishment

Reduce-To-Clear with Mobile Handheld Terminal

Reduced items can be found in most retail stores especially in supermarket where it is a common practice to reduce the price for items with damaged packaging or with near expiry date, preventing products to become part of the waste streams and ensuring some returns for the product is achieved.

Panda mobile handheld terminal solution is embedded with reduce to clear function to streamline the process, enabling store operation team to easily generate a new price label for the reduced item, hence disallowing cashier from giving manual discount and speed up the check-out process.

Managing fresh produce is challenging as consumers wish to buy fresh foods at their convenience while retailers want the fresh production to be handled efficiently.  Store operator is required to maintain the quality of fresh food by regularly trimming and disposing the decaying items.

We reckon that this could be a tedious task for store operation team to properly record the daily disposal of perishable goods and have it registered into the system, hence we built the function enabling user to just weight, scan and assign a valid reason for item disposal via our mobile handheld terminal solution.

Disposal of Perishable Goods with Mobile Handheld Terminal

Daily Stock Cycle count and Periodic Stocktake

It is recommended to perform regular stocktake for healthy inventory levels as stock discrepancies can be rectified before they become problematic. However, stocktaking in retailing is usually energy-draining and time-consuming which is impractical to be conducted regularly.  For that reason cycle counting which involves random checking on a range of predefined inventory becomes pivotal in retail store operation.

Our handheld terminal solution streamlines operational processes in allowing store operator to apply a combined mode of cycle counting and traditional stocktaking to effectively maintain your healthy inventory.

Customer service is not about having a smile on your face, it’s about making customers leaving your store with a smile on their face.