Panda Stock Take Module

Panda ERP Stock Take Solution For Efficient Accurate Stock Count

Panda ERP Stock Take Module enables the Accounts or Finance department to audit the value of inventory in the balance sheet. It provides for an accurate value of your merchandise for sale. The objective of a stock count is to confirm the actual stock in your inventory for the balance sheet.

Conducting a full stock take can mean that the business is closed for the duration of the stock take. While a stock take can disrupt the business and cost money to conduct, Panda ERP Stock Take will ensure you know the true inventory value.

Identifying Stock Discrepancies
A Full Stock Take can reveal the efficiency of your operation and help you identify weaknesses within the operation. When a stock take results Stock Discrepancies, this gives you the opportunity to identify and fix the operational weaknesses.

Eliminating Stock Discrepancies
Panda ERP provides modular software that works seamlessly together to reduce stock variance. In combination with retail best practices, stock discrepancies can be greatly reduced.

Panda ERP Stock Take Solution For Fast Accurate Stock Count

Stock count with mobile PCWith Panda ERP Stock Take solution, you can conduct a full stock take or regular cyclic counts to ensure the stock in your inventory is as reported.

Planning and process management is the key for a fast accurate stock count. The stock take process must be managed to ensure it does not introduce errors during the stock count.

Counting your inventory can be conducted 2 ways with PANDA Stock Take Module:

  1. A Full Stock Take
  2. By Cycle Count

Reconciliation and Stock Adjustment
By using mobile computers or handheld PC with scanners, you can scan the barcode and count your inventory at any location accurately and efficiently.

When the stock take is completed, stock count reports are produced on the spot. In case of any variances, a recount can be done immediately for the individual item.

Our solution will show the stock variance between what the system recorded and what the count delivered. It will quickly and easily identify which location or fixture location the problem occurred.

Panda Stock count fixture report

Stock Take Reports
Stock Take reports are produced on the spot whenever a dept, location or fixture has been counted. This enable the Stock Take Controller to verify and take remedial action if necessary.

At the completion of the stock take, the system will adjust the inventory to reflect the stock count. Final reports become available for analysis and the inventory is updated. The inventory data is transmitted to the HQ level at the completion of the Stock Take.

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