Panda Retail ERP

Panda Retail ERP Software Suite

Panda ERP Solution is a Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite of software that gives you real-time view of your business and effectively manage your retail operations. Designed and engineered from the ground up for modern retail operations in Malaysia, it is modular and customizable.

Tested and proven by leading retailers throughout Malaysia, we deliver on our promise of a robust and easy to use, full featured ERP solution. Panda Retail ERP is the choice for independent outlet retailers, supermarket and chain-store operators. Easily upgrade from single store operation to multiple stores and HQ operations.

Panda Retail ERP Suite incorporates Retail Industry Best Practices

  • More than 200 customizable reports for your operations
  • Effectively manage inventory from multiple locations and outlets
  • Centralized SKU and Supplier database
  • Real time Goods Receiving and Inventory Management
  • Real time Price Change and Cost Control
  • Real time Sales and Inventory reporting to local and/or HQ server
  • Manage monthly sales, purchases, inventory and profit margins at the Store and HQ level
  • Barcode and Shelf Label printing
Panda ERP Purchase Order
Panda Retail ERP Software Suite

Panda Retail ERP – Multi-Store Management

Whether you are a Big-Box retailer or a multi-store retailer, Panda Retail ERP gives you access to data you can use. Retail operations at the optimum inventory level improves cash flow and profitability.

Panda Retail ERP – Key Performance Reporting System

Panda Retail ERP‘s powerful reporting module compiles your sales transactions and inventory into accurate and actionable reports. Measure your sales performance against your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to determine profitability.

Timely and actionable information is a key component of effective management. Panda Retail ERP allows you to track your performance with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Store Level
At the store level, the store owner or store manager can monitor all aspects of the operations – Purchasing, Goods Receiving, Product Pricing, Point of Sales, Sales Campaigns, Inventory Levels and Profit Margins.

Retail KPI Reports can be generated at the Store Management level, or at the Department level. Analysis can be conducted by Location, Category, Dept, Dept Class.

HQ Level
For chain-store operations, sales performance can be compiled from all the stores and presented at the HQ Level in real time. The HQ module enables Centralized Operations, from Centralizing Purchasing, Pricing to Sales Campaigns.

Group Level KPI Reports enables real time flow of data for Strategic Planning and Control.


panda report

    • Microsoft Windows based solution
    • Powered by MySQL Database Engine and hosted by Linux Server
    • Both MySQL & Linux are proven to be Reliable and Low Cost to Deploy
    • More than 300 reports available
    • All reports can be customized to suit users requirement
    • Software customization available to cater for business operation