Panda Loyalty Membership

Panda Customer Loyalty Membership Module

Panda Customer Loyalty Membership Module helps your business boost sales with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Retail CRM is about encouraging consumers to come back to your store and make repeat purchases.

Customers get the advantage of a Loyalty Rewards Program while your retail business give them even more reasons to be a customer.

Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Members earn reward points every time they shop
  • Gift or Voucher Redemption
  • Member Price items with or without limit
  • Brand promotions for members

Target Your Customers With Panda Customer Loyalty Membership

Panda Customer Loyalty Membership lets your business deliver customer appreciation activities throughout your organization. You can focus on driving sales through this loyal segment of your shoppers.

Once they are in your loyalty program, member details are managed centrally at the HQ level or the Store level. Points are earned every time members make a purchase at your outlets. Panda POS will capture the member’s details and update your membership database online.

With Panda Retail CRM, you can:

  • Analyze member sales by demographics
  • Develop a clear picture of their spending behaviour
  • Create promotion activities for members
  • Reach them via mailer or SMS


panda member

  • Member Point Collection
  • Member Price Promotion
  • Promotion activities via SMS
  • Reward Regular Customer
  • Attract New Customer
  • Real time Update of Point
  • Gift Voucher & Coupon Redemption
  • Member Sales Analysis
  • Member Spending Behavior

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