Panda Inventory Management System

Panda Inventory Management System – Retail ERP

Panda Inventory Management System Screenshot

P anda Inventory Management System is a Enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite of software that gives you a real-time view of your business and supports your retail operation.

Panda Inventory Management System gives you real-time control of your inventory, and lets you manage your stock level for optimum performance.

It tracks your inventory from purchase orders, goods receiving, goods return and goods sold. It matches your inventory to your supplier, calculates trade offers and your cost price of goods.

Panda Inventory Management System – Real Time Control

Panda Inventory Management System lets you set a maximum stock level that keeps your sales at the optimum and generates reorder based on sales data.

  • Reduces out of stock situation for best selling products
  • Prevents over stock and slow moving items
  • Set maximum stock level and reorder quantity based on sales data
  • Helps in loss prevention

Panda Inventory Management System – Process Management

Panda Inventory Management System lets you manage your operations from issuing of purchase orders, the process of goods receiving and tracking individual SKUs.

  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Return Debit Note
  • Goods Receive Note
  • Inter Branch Stock Transfer

Panda Inventory Management System – Unique Features

  • Comprehensive SKU master database
  • Assigns goods to suppliers
  • Calculates Trade Offers accurately
  • Single SKU with multiple barcodes, packsizes and multiple locations
  • Pricing by weight or unit
  • Assigns stock return to supplier and generates Goods Return Debit Note
  • Global promotions, quantity discounts, member price with qty limit, purchase with purchase
  • Daily and monthly sales reports, profit and inventory reports for consignment counters
  • Minimum reorder or Maximum stock level based on 3 months sales data


panda inventory

  • System Setup & Informative Item Master Screen View
  • Item features Multiple Barcode & Multiple Packsize & UOM
  • Issuance of Comprehensive Purchase Order @ HQ & Outlet
  • Goods Receiving & Purchase Return Debit/Credit Note
  • Sales Order/Sales Invoice & Sales Return Credit/Debit Note
  • Stock Replenishment via System Suggested Qty
  • Product Sales Ranking Analysis (ABC Ranking Analysis)
  • Item Permanent Price Change Management
  • Promotion File Management
  • DC/IBT/ICT (Inter-Branch Transfer & Inter-Company Sales)
  • Display Income Maintenance & Supplier Target Incentive
  • Target Performance & KPI Analysis