Panda HQ Module

Panda HQ Module For Enterprise Resource Planning

Panda HQ Module enables your Head Office to monitor, centralize operations and manage your business units at the strategic level. Panda HQ Module provides the leadership level an accurate real-time view of the business.

Top level management has to develop sound financial planning and supply chain management to sustain a retail business. Panda HQ ERP module enables the enterprise to budget, account for, and audit its resources to maximize a Return on Investment.

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Enterprise Resource Planning Gives Your Business Competitive Advantage
Panda HQ ERP puts accurate, timely information at the hands of division managers. The KPI reports delivers all your key numbers for the day and month-to-date.

  • Optimum Inventory Management
  • On-time Centralized Purchasing
  • Identify Best Selling Items
  • Identify Slow Moving Items
  • Centralized Pricing
  • Global Promotions
  • Real-time Tracking of Outlet Sales

“Panda HQ ERP gives your business a competitive edge in cost of merchandise, real-time management of inventory, leading to profitability and growth.”

Panda HQ Module For Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management begins with the Purchase Order to your supplier from a centralized database. The information that is collected from all your retail outlets build up a comprehensive overview of your merchandising needs.

Panda HQ Module gives the management a clear fact sheet of the merchandise and category that is a best-seller, the amount of inventory you have on hand, the number of days your inventory can sustain your sales.

A centralized Purchase Order can be issued and the merchandise to be delivered to individual retail outlets or a Distribution Center.

Supply Chain Management enables the business to get your products to market faster, at a lower cost and give you a competitive advantage over competitors.

“By increasing efficiency in distribution and resources allocation, the company’s productivity is improved and this increases customer satisfaction….”

Panda HQ Module For Centralized Ordering and Pricing

Big retail chains practice centralized ordering and pricing as part of their retail operations. Centralized order for group wide promotions, trade offers from suppliers enables you to lower merchandising costs.

The way to achieve Every Day Low Price is to practice Every Day Low Cost. You need internal efficiencies and streamline supply management to give your customers the best possible price.

Panda Software Is A Full Feature Retail ERP Solution
Panda Software enables you to operate at the Store level, and expand your operations to include Distribution Centers and Head Office management.

  • Panda Point of Sales (POS)
  • Panda Inventory Management System
  • Panda Warehouse Management for Distribution Center
  • Panda Head Office Data Management – HQ Module
  • Panda Handheld Terminal Mobile Solution
  • Panda Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution
  • Panda Barcode Printing Solution
  • Panda Employee Time Management Systems for Retail

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