System Architecture Design

As retail supermarket and departmental store easily deal with tens of thousands of items, a sophisticated system design with proper data structure is imperative to contain such heavy transaction.  We adopt Delphi as the programming language to develope a Microsoft Windows client-server based solution using MySQL server as data storage engine.  Due to the fact that MySQL is a perfect match of Linux Operating System, Panda ERP adopts Linux OS and the low-cost entry level server to host data.

We believe in real time tracking of sales and stock information is indeed essential for management to make sound decision in today’s competitive Retail Industry.  As such, our innovative team of professional managed to produce a solution to instantly update both the local server and HQ server upon completion of each transaction.  In other words, not only the outlet management are fed with real time sales and stock information but also the HQ management team can easily access to the consolidated live data of all outlet at HQ level.

Throughout the years of development, Panda has introduced many innovative modules to accommodate the ever growing Retailers’ demand.  Some of our modules particularly Mobile PC Solution and Online B2B Module are using web technology as we reckon that Cloud base Web Application is suitable to cater for certain business models especially if the requirement is to share information or exchange data with third party such as suppliers and customers.

Panda Report Manager is an in-house developed reporting tool that enable user to customise the layout of all the reports available in the system.  Other than editing and designing the report layout format, the tool also allows user to extract data from systems via self-written mysql script as well as generating report in many formats including CSV and PDF.  Panda Report Manager is well known for its ability to produce speedy and accurate result for analysis.

System Landscape

HQ System Data Flow

Outlet System Data Flow

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