Panda Frontend Point-of-Sales (POS) Systems

Panda Frontend POS

The data structure of Panda Frontend POS System is specifically designed to store the high transaction data of Retail Supermarket and Departmental Stores.  It has been tested and proven a success since 2005 in retail operations throughout Malaysia, from single outlet to chain store operation.

Panda POS brings you real time update of sales data to outlet server as well as HQ server upon completion of every transaction.  It is a fully integrated system with the Backend Inventory Management whereby stocks sold are also deducted instantly upon completion of a transaction.  The real time sales and stock data allow management and merchandising team to make sound purchasing decision when needed.

As retail operator normally receives cash for most of the sales transactions, our POS System is designed to counterfeit cashier’s fraud by imposing cashier self-declared cash on hand method.  This function was inspired based on the bank cashiering process by one of the founders who had 7 years of banking experience.  The method also allows cashiers to handle their own float and be held responsible for any shortages recorded as no other cashiers would have access to such float during a business day.  It has been proven to effectively reduce cashiers’ shortages and minimise fraud on the cash collected.

Our easy-to-understand POS interface design requires lesser user training and it works with just a simple numeric keypad.   We realise that the numeric keypad would indeed reduce the fear of an inexperienced cashier to learn and the process to operate our POS system is therefore intuitive.  Our systems requires no specialised hardware or high end PC processor and in most cases, it works with the hardware you already have.

Fast, accurate and easy to operate.  It is no surprise that Panda Frontend POS system simply meets the requirements of modern retail operations and the industries best practices.




  • Malaysia GST Compliance with printing of Full Tax Invoice
  • All functions can be controlled with authority access
  • Cash-In / Cash-Out / Cash Balance / Cash Purchase / Cash Exchange
  • Open Drawer / Reprint Receipt / Sales Suspense / Resume
  • Void Item / Void Bill / Cancel Transaction
  • Change Qty / Change Price / Item Refund
  • Bill Discount & Item Discount by % or $
  • Deposit Collection / Voucher Collection
  • Multiple Payments in Single Receipt
  • Item Promotion / Member Price / Dept & Category Promotion
  • Consignment Itemtype / Supplier Scan Data Promotion
  • Mix & Match / Quantity Buy / Purchase with Purchase
  • Auto printing of Voucher / Lucky Draw Form via Receipt Printer